Projekt M1 + Ergänzendes Modul

Twisted Sister

For this studio we will reflect upon the incidental urban conditions that result from strongly developer-led statements which drive city growth today. As a testing ground we turn to Rotterdam (NL), a place where renaissance city palaces, high-tech residential towers, formal office blocks and cheap market halls converge as a kaleidoscopic collection of objects. As the buildings of previous eras expressed a shared vision of the future, today each individual building or development attempts to affirm its own reality, consciously distinguished from its surroundings. This intention is an inward looking one; set within the project, devoid of social, spatial or urbanistic concerns. Such projects are agnostic of time, equally disinterested in questions of history, the future and the present.

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Kategorie: M1+EM
BetreuerInnen: Marius Grootveld
Termine: Anmeldung in RWTH-online