M1 Projekt

The Artist's Living: Multifunctional Housing
As it happens the life of an ageing artist is fully opposite to that of a model home for the elderly. Even-though to stay vital the ageing population is encouraged to be creative. Elderly homes are to be efficient, but in the design of the Existenzminimum there is no space for creativity. If living at home will be the future, housing will need to be multifunctional and the artist’s life can serve as a prototype.

The first phase of M1 consists of cross-disciplinary research of artist’s homes, referential and actual. RWTH students will collaborate with the best students of the Cultural Science faculty in Maastricht giving them graphical support with walking interviews and developing personal notation techniques for mapping the artist’s living.

In the second phase the results serve as material to assemble prototypes of multifunctional housing for a generic ageing population. With feedback from Van Eyck Mirror students will focus on publicness of homes, adjusted measurements for living and the superimposition of function. Students will draw and model interpretations on multifunctional housing for the art of ageing.

The last phase is extracurricular. Selected works will get a budget to build 1:20 models of the designs. These models will be exhibited at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht.

Kategorie: M1
Punktezahl: 12 + 3 ECTS Seminar
BetreuerInnen: Natali Gagro, Tim Prins