Nowbandegan Wednesday Bazar

Nowbandegan, a small town in the south of Iran: like many villages and towns had a large number of emmigrations to big cities from the modernization time in Iran. Due to the changes in population and ways of building, large destructions occurred in the old town. These devastations have caused many physical and visual problems. In the center of the town, on the place of a demolished caravanserai, where it is a boulevard now, a bazaar is held on Wednesdays. The bazaar is not only an economic event, but also a social event for the people of the town and also close small villages. Now it seems that there is a need to improve the quality of the place of bazaar. Our proposal is to design a structure to contain the bazaar. As this is a one-day event in the week, the new structure can be flexible to provide a place for other uses and social interactions. Located on a main street, in the center of the old town, and being close to some public buildings and areas, such as: Main Mosque, Shahzade Ali religious area, Adineh park, can be potentials for development of the structure and new uses. These preconditions are similar to those of historic bazaars. In wintersemester 2019/2020 there will be a next seminar to build the bazaar together with inhabitants of the village.

08. April 09:30 Ausgabe

Kategorie: Wahlmodul BA
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Betreuerin: Anna Weber, Hadi Naderi
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